2 new innovating Face Spa care


2 new innovating Face Spa care

Care N O U R S E A ® Repulpant

Mask reconstructing with Banana, rich in vitamin B, C and magnesium, associated with the Serum Nourséa ® BioRepulp (Spiraline, Himantalia, Jojoba, Tamanu) gorged with trace elements, mineral salst and amino-acids in order to restore and nourish in-depth skin.

 Care M U L T I - V E G E T A L Eclat

 Multi-vitaminized mask with pure Vitamin C, Ripe and Grape, associated with the Serum Oasia ® BioSource (Ginko Biloba, Palmeria, Cornflower) detoxify and restores a brillant boost for dull and tired skins