Padarisia Relaxing Spa Body Care

Padarisia Relaxing Spa Body Care

Padarisia Relaxing Spa Body Care

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 Actions : refreshes - revitalizes - relax ...

Relax muscle tension - Promotes better management of stress - Soothes and calms - Develop an awareness of our bodies and  senses .

The scrub KAMELON ® ARGAN purifies the skin and restores softness by removing all the dead cells thanks to exfoliating particles of Argan and rice ; the Argan oil regenerates skin tissue and the sweetness is provided by the jojoba oil .

Organic oil PADARISIA ® rich in vitamin E moisturizes, nourishes and softens the skin, thanks to the 3 virgin vegetable oils organic and fair of Sesame , Macadamia and Apricot kernels . It restores suppleness to the skin, penetrates without leaving a greasy film , while allowing the massage work .

Pure Balm CINQUIA Energy promotes contact with the client by creating a cutaneous warming  and activating the energies , the blood and lymph circulation. It removes tension and eliminates the stress , and its hazelnut oil promotes rapid penetration of assets, the  chilli pepper  and cinnamon, soya  and sunflower oils , combined with shea butter and beeswax nourish and promote a pleasant, sensual touch ; essential oil of lemon cleanses and tones ;  kukui oil resulting from  a tree spread in the islands of the Tahitian Archipelago , contains mainly fatty-acids essential to the skin structure similar to that of epidermal lipids . It is very soothing .