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OASIA ® Normal or dehydrated skins

Actions: moisturize * and preventive anti -ageing .

The OASIA® mask, deeply scented Provence hydrates skin and restores suppleness to the skin. Olive oil is rich in vitamin C and provitamin A contributes with all of its properties to natural moisture and helps with Vitamin E to the balance of the film and skin 's natural cell membranes, thus protecting the skin from external damage.This cocktail of vitamins,  A, C , E associated with ginger and lemongrass to Terressence® Oasia ® involved in cell renewal and protects skin from tiredness & the effects of time for preventive moisturizing and anti -ageing . Hazelnut softens and balances . The sweet orange cleanses the skin . Its texture is fresh and pleasant , delicate with scent of the South of France .




KOALIA ® Sensitive Skins

Actions : soothes, relaxes and protects


The KOALIA® mask gourmet fruit scents , gives a real feeling of well being and calming for sensitive skins. The natural ingredients and pure vitamin C, associated with geranium , rosemary and vitamin E to Terressence® Koalia ® stimulate peripheral circulation , protect DNA from free radicals.

The chamomile , calendula and hazelnut soften and balance . The sweet orange and lavender cleanse and heal the skin . Its texture is soft and velvety with subtle fragrance of natural fruit.





PANDIANE® mixed or oily skin tend

Actions: purifies , absorbes excess sebum , regulates , refreshes .

The PANDIANE® mask has an immediate effect on oily skins and acne. Combined with Pandiane® Terressence® rich antibacterial ingredients like tea tree, clove and palmarosa , allows in depth treatment to clean your skin effectively. Lavender , sage , cypress , thyme and rosemary purify the skin of impurities. The lotus and apricot soothe and soften. Pandiane® cream will bring a matte finish and freshness of hydration .

The sebaceous glands are regulated and pores are tightened . The mask has a delicate fresh scent of menthol.





NOURSEA ® Dry skins


Actions: nourishes , restores and revitalizes .

The Noursea® mask exotic scents gives an emotion sensory inviting you to travel. Its rich texture and delicate blends minerals , trace elements and plant. Combined with essential oils of argan, macadamia and jojoba the Noursea® Terressence® .  This treatment provides all the nurturing needed to revitalize dry skins.

Virtues also antiseptic and bactericidal combination of cinnamon , cloves, lemon and lavender .





ELEFIA ® mature skins

Actions: anti -ageing , antioxidant , restructures .

The anti -ageing mask with fragrance Elefia®, gives a real feeling of comfort and bliss for mature skins.Care to repair -through active vitamin C from Acerola ( Richest fruit of vitamin C ) combined with essential oils of Rose Muscat , Rosewood and Lemongrass, Protect DNA from free radicals and promote cell regeneration. Argan Oil and Borage restore The hydro - lipid film. They supplement the Action of the nutritional Sunflower oil  which provides 78% oleic acid.

The Kalpariane ™ (patented formula) restores collagen and elastin essential to the firmness of your skin .






LYNXIA ® Eye Care

Actions: soothes , relaxes , smooths wrinkles and restores sparkle to the eyes.

The eye contour  requires responsive and gentle products. This very sensitive care mask is a Lynxia® treatment based on assets plants that meet the fragility of skin tissue , while restoring sparkle to the eyes, anti -ageing eye mask, soothing ,relieving congestion and soften the skin ; provides anti -tiredness effect Immediately while soothing fine lines and wrinkles , thanks to the combined actions of marine collagen and Kalpariane ™ (patented formula) associated with essential oils of Muscat rose , rosewood and lemongrass of Terressence® Eléfia ®, which protect DNA from free radicals and promote cell regeneration.

Argan oil and borage avoid dryness and ageing skin . Soy and E capture water and firm

NOURSEA®  Plumping :  dry and devitalized skins

Actions : plumping, regenerating

NOURSEA ® PLUMPING mask provides flexibility and comfort with infinite delicacy, as well as a very pleasant tropical scent inviting you to a journey into a world of sweetness.

Fruit of the ideal energy, the banana by its mineral and vitamin richness (vitamin B and C), nourishes the skin and is involved in the formation of collagen tissue renewal. The essential oil of argan, macadamia and jojoba of the Terressence ® Noursea ®, associated to the restructuring activity of the banana magnesium whose content remains exceptional, get all the nurturing necessary to revitalize dry skins.

This vitamin cocktail regenerates and revitalizes the skin.

Then the serum Noursea® BioRepulp will provide all the energy needed to quickly restore the skin thanks to its nutritional and plumping virtues (spiralin, Himantalia, Jojoba and Tamanu)


MULTI-VEGETAL RADIANCE tired skins, dull or pigmented complexion.

Actions : detoxifying, lightening and radiance.

This mask, with the four natural plant extracts, ripe, grape, oughon and saxifrage, associated with vitamin C, as well as ginger and lemongrass to the Terressence® Oasia® gives a boost to dull and tired skins, helps cell renewal, evens the complexion by  reducing skin spots and defects in pigmentation.

Its texture is fresh and pleasant with a delicate plant perfume.

Then, the serum Oasia® BioSource, very refreshing and remineralizing with detoxifying and draining virtues, brings clarity and radiance to the skin for a radiant complexion and energetic skin.