Our philosophy

Our philosophy

"The Organic Beauty and green living"

Feuille verte

Arbre coeur

The philosophy of  VITACOLOGY is based on the founder's desire to propose the best of  Nature to the beauty of the women, while returning to nature the benefits it offers to us day after day.

Indeed, their passion for Aromatherapy and Phytotherapy is to provide the best of the plants in order to obtain the most effective certified organic BIO labels.

Our team of chemists and biologists pull all their knowledge in finding the best combination of biological plant oil and essential oils in order to optimise their beneficial results for the specificity of each type of skin.





Their passion is also their commitment to nature protection. That is why the founders created the association " VITACOLOGY Just Nature "  to help improving a better knowledge of our nature and its biodiversity, while contributing to real action projects in its favour.

This hymn to nature begins by choosing our products names suggestive of  fauna and flora : everything that brings us closer to our Earth (Terre) hence the name Terressence ® given to our concentrated essential oils and biological plant oils obtained from the distillation of plants grown with the help of our earth.

Convinced that human beings can improve their well being, while ensuring that other species

surrounding them, we invite you to discover our organic cosmetics dedicated to both the pleasure of the senses and the world's biodiversity of our Earth :

The Organic Beauty and green living.