The Creation

The Creation

The Creation and Launching On The Market

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Develops VITACOLOGY ITS products -through teams of Research, Development and Service Quality at the forefront of technology.

Before Being Launched on the market , the development of a product VITACOLOGY Takes on average 1-2 years of work . The products are Tested VITACOLOGY aging, "as well as challenges independent testing laboratory certified by year according to ISO 9001 and ITS expertise by reconnu for French and European standards .

The chalenge test assesse the Effectiveness of conservation in time, to Ensure a stable product "during the Period of Intended use of the cosmetic .


In addition to these tests , the formulation of the Future Will Bio Been validated by a Certifying Body reconnu by the state.

Moreover , Since ast January 2009, the Law Requires That the LME Certification Body is accredited by the COFRAC ( French Committee for Accreditation ) According to standard NF EN 45011 ( ISO / IEC Guide 65 ) .

FRANCE Is The only country in the World That Requires a certification body accredited to validate IS BIO cosmetic products , Which Guarantees Consumers a full independent status vis- à - vis the products certified laboratory to Be Their submit forms.

Ecocert and Qualité France are the only accredited Certification Bodies COFRAC .

In addition to the product formulation , vials , tubes , boxes and labels Must Also Be certified as recyclable or recycled, and all the information available to Consumers Including the final packaging.