The formulation

The formulation

Effectiveness of Our Care

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Effectiveness of Our Care

To Quickly Obtain performance visible , skin care products are VITACOLOGY FORMULATED up to 100% of ingredients rich in assets : thanks to essential oils with plant oils and floral water to your skin Which Brings All The Benefits Of Their working properties.


Moreover , Several of Our product ranges ( Eléfia , Dolfin, Lynxia ) include patented natural ingredients ( Kalpariane ®, Adiposlim ®, Argatensyl ®) showed Which Their performance thanks to tests of effectiveness.



The adapted care of your skin VITACOLOGY Allows to Be Treated in duet daily thanks to the Association of Complementary three formulas;


- Stage 1 : on the morning, with a proper care serum . According To the Needs of your skin, choose the serum adapted to cure  Effectively Specifying the problem thanks to concentration of assets ITS Which Will Supplement Ideally your cream .

 - Stage 2 : in the evening , Treat Your Skin With A Terressence ® :

A Terressence ® Is a concentrate of essential oils and plant oils , 100 % Pure and Naturally effective to Improve the external signs of dehydration your skin * tuggings , small Wrinkles . Penetrate It Immediately Brings all STIs and Virtues to your skin and Effectiveness

 - Morning and Evening : protect with care cream.Choose the cream VITACOLOGY adapted to the Needs of your skin  .

Hydrate with Oasia , Nourish with Nourse, Alleviate with Koalia . Use The Cream in your duet with serum in the morning and with one ® Terressence .


Sensual textures

 Beyond the Effectiveness of the products , o Researchers wished to offer to you include texture and fresh for the pleasure of the velvety and sensual touch with a feeling of well being amazing year .


Pleasure of the directions

 the capacity of the aromatic plants Also Brings intense feelings and delicate scent for a plenitude of Our Being in ITS MOST intimate moments .