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Each protocol body treatment begins with a relaxing, a scrub with argan vegetable, followed by a relaxing reflexology with Cinquia Balm enchanting scents and a massage with our Padarisia™ oil 100% organic and fair trade.

Within minutes, your body is transported into a world of a total relaxation with scents that conjure up exotic travel far. 


DOLFINE  PACIFIQUE  ® relaxing and slimming

Actions : boost circulation, promotes the removal of fat and smooth skin.

The slimming Dolfine Pacific brings a delicate scent of green tea with assets of caffeine and caffeine affect the onset of lipolysis and lipid degradation.

Horsetail associated with essential oils of cypress, rosemary and juniper slimming and detoxifying actions reinforce the active slimming Adiposlim™ (patented formula) for Dolfine balm.

The toning is provided by the essential oils of geranium and ginger combined with guarana. Cocoa butter and sweet orange soften the skin. The body is drained and detoxified, th figure will be refined and the skin becomes softer.


TONIARA  TROPICAL  ®  relaxing and firming

Actions : firming and smoothing

Wrapped in a delicate scent of mint, Tropical Toniara mask strengthens the body through its kelp rich in minerals and vitamins, combined with esential oils of grapefruit, geranium and lemongrass for Toniara balm.

The firming and toning is reinforced by the daisy and black cumin associated with marine collagen to smooth imperfections. Shea butter, avocado and kaolin bring softness and hydration necessary to the skin.

The body is arched and cutaneous tissues regain their elesticity