Our Commitments

Our Commitments




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The facts are clear today Announced worldwide , we can no longer AFFORD to Produce a disorganized way , Without Worrying about Catastrophic consequences for planet o o and Biodiversity.

Therefore , Beyond The Commitments "under the charter to Produce Cosmébio our organic cosmetics , VITACOLOGY acts and Every Day Spending more to Protect ecosystems on Earth .


At the product level :

We Consider it reasons to be duty of the least possible pollution especially in transport , 25% presented for identification of CO2 emissions , multiply the which of the Phenomenon of our warming earth and driven Some species migrate gold Have to disappear .

That is why our tubes are Manufactured in France , rather than Importing Countries at cost remote much lower . Similarly , our pots are European . Malthus , our Transporting Avoid packages these in The Hold for Two months of boats pollute the air That and oceans in Their releases .

Our boxes are printed with vegetable ink on recycled paper by a French printer Imprim'Vert label (label printers That preserves the environment) .


We could not do with plastic spatula our pots , Because after investigating, over 85% of Consumers do not use them and throw them at the opening. Why make a production of Unnecessary items and generate more waste .

For consumers accustomed to this tool, we thank 'them for 'their understanding and prompt to use a small spoon , a simple gesture of sympathy for species and ecosystems .

In addition , for the same reasons related to waste , there is not a second package cushioning inside our boxes  to make the presentation to a moment to look posh .






At headquarters :

That pass through all documents are routinely crushed Premises by staff . Malthus , we "give a second life to these paper documents are recycled in our Shipments to Customers .

In this way , we acquiring Avoid unnecessary packaging items , Therefore production and global warming .

As for shipping containers That We buy more expensive Than Conventional , They Are recycled , always in the Same order to Favor a second life to items of packaging.






Our paper uses :

All of Our brochures and guides to beauty are Achieved with 100% recycled paper and printed with vegetable inks by printer o French Labeled Imprim'Vert .

Our papers are all recycled or from managed forests connection ( FSC )






Resolutions and eco - actions :

If EACH of us acts Quickly , at work or at home , with ecological Motion stations , the results are tangible and we Will Be Happy To Protect Our biodiversity and is this Polar Bear Will Be saved by melting of the Stopping the ice .

Think about this unique animal species and That You like gold Simply the future of your children and your loved ones to your heart, and we Avoid the inevitable , and we can look together this wonderful Earth , a miracle of the universe There Are 4.5 Billion Years ...