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Consistent with our philosophy and to ensure optimum quality of our cosmetic BIO , while ensuring the protection of ecological life , cosmetics VITACOLOGY are certified by an independent body approved by the French state : Ecocert .

The choice of label certified by Ecocert BIO , Cosmébio charter , is the desire of the laboratory

VITACOLOGY to adhere to the specifications of the label 's most demanding and ensure a truly natural cosmetics friendly man and his environment.


Respect for human

organic cosmetics do not contain chemicals and pollutants , which in the medium and long -term harm to our bodies and our environment.

It contains a quantity of active ingredients , much larger than the conventional cosmetic , real effectiveness and long term .

Safeguarding the environment

respect for life is reflected in the ecological control of all stages of the design of cosmetics BIO :

  • BIO selected raw materials are grown without chemical fertilizers or pesticides
  • raw materials are mainly produced from the plant world and are natural and biodegradable
  • the manufacture of products is made without polluting the environment
  • packaging should be biodegradable or recyclable
  • product testing on animals is prohibited


Ensuring a safe and effective cosmetic

The charter Cosmébio provides transparency regarding the nature of the ingredients in the product for organic certification , the finished products are guaranteed :

  • not be preserved with parabens or phénoxyétanol
  • No perfume or dye synthesis
  • No petrochemicals (paraffin, silicone , PEG )
  • without animal raw materials

The laboratory VITACOLOGY chose the highest level of quality with the label BIO .

The label requirement BIO Logo Cosmebio average Charter Cosmébio

  • minimum 95% natural ingredients or natural ingredients on the total
  • minimum 95% certified organic plant ingredients on the total plant ingredients
  • minimum 10% certified organic plant ingredients on the ingredients

VITACOLOGY goes even beyond the requirements of the label, because all its products are formulated with a minimum of 99 % to 100 % natural ingredients or natural origin and up to 98% organic ingredients .