Label Cosmebio

Who are we ?

Born in 2002, the collaboration of a dozen laboratories cosmetics incurred in preparing a specification for a cosmetic ethics COSMEBIO is an association which now has over 200 members with more than 4,000 certified products.

At the time when the market is natural and organic growing, many brands are now using the name "Bio " for marketing purposes, sometimes for a product containing only a few natural ingredients and no organic ingredient .

The charter Cosmebio gave birth to a very demanding specifications filed with the Ministry of Industry and published in the Official Gazette April 9, 2003 . This reference defines a strict , transparent and unambiguous , the " Ecological and Organic cosmetics " and helps guide consumers towards authentic natural and organic products . The charter , developed specifically for the cosmetics industry goes far beyond the presence in the form of products from organic farming .

Cosmébio represents the entire industry , engaged in the natural and organic cosmetics such as:

  • Suppliers of raw materials and ingredients
  • The contract manufacturers
  • Cosmetic Laboratories
  • Distributors

Our mission of consumer

  • You ensure certified cosmetic containing natural ingredients and certified organic by an independent certification body .
  • Helping You identify products certified organic cosmetics at points of sale with own logos to the charter Cosmébio :
  • You offer transparency the nature of ingredients and manufacturing processes used in your cosmetics : the ingredients are natural and processed in a simple way with cleaner processes , finished products contain significant amounts of organic ingredients .
  • Boosting the market for organic cosmetics encouraging the search for new natural ingredients by manufacturers and ingredient manufacturers
  • The undertaking is engaged in a process Sustainable Development


What is a cosmetic product Organic?

For several years, research laboratories engaged in a certification process develop products of high quality , plus the benefits conferred by the organic ingredients they contain. The logos BIO and ECO is now possible to identify them .

In the conventional cosmetics , there are lots of synthetic ingredients , and still persist ingredients of animal origin. It is difficult to assess the effects of these products on our skin after years of application , or even the consequences of these processes considered pollutants on the environment .

Organic products are a guarantee of respect for the man and his environment:

What are the practical benefits of Bio ?

Respect rights: Aside from the absence of chemicals and pollutants (pesticides , chemical fertilizers , GMOs ... ) which in the long term are harmful to our body and the environment , the cosmetic product is of great biological wealth. He has a much larger active ingredients and contains raw thugs who live truly effective and long term .

Traceability and Safety It is not always easy to know the exact composition of a cosmetic product " traditional "and identify the source of raw materials that compose it. Cosmetology Organics is now controlled by bodies such ECOCERT and Qualité France . This ensures the traceability of ingredients and manufacturing processes of products , and ensure the authenticity of products labeled organic cosmetics .

Safeguarding the environment Organic farming is a mode of production which respects biodiversity and natural balance. By actively supporting the farm practice , you act in favor of restoring the quality of water , soil and air .

The richness of organic products Nature provides us with a panel of diverse ingredients . Each ingredient , whether vegetable or mineral , has multiple properties and very specific . This natural diversity allows the formulation of a wide range of effective and respects the balance .

Animal welfare The extracts of animals or animal testing in cosmetics is prohibited Bio .
Only the ingredients from animal production (which have no effect on the health of the animal, such as honey) are permitted.


The requirements Cosmébio what guarantees behind logos ?

Based on a specification that has been deposited in the Ministry of Industry in 2002 , the charter Cosmébio provides transparency regarding the nature of ingredients and manufacturing processes used in your cosmetics .

Under our charter , products with the logo or the logo BIO ECO contain mostly natural ingredients and naturally occurring. The entire composition of a product is carefully controlled organic according to strict rules .

It must contain at least 95 % ingredients naturally, natural or from organic ( in all cases the proportion is still above 95 %)

The repository allows a minimal amount , if not negligible , synthetic products , which are still currently unavailable in natural form (These ingredients must meet the requirements of a positive list very restrictive excluding PEG , silicone and petrochemical derivatives .. )
- On the vegetable raw materials , 95 % min should be of biological
- No dyes or synthetic perfumes
- Total exclusion of synthetic preservatives such as parabens or phenoxyethanol )
- Not petrochemicals ( paraffin , silicon , PEG )
- No GMO ( genetically modified organisms )
- No treatment ionizing

Respect for nature must be an integer (respect for the balance of nature , no animal testing )

The processes for obtaining them are clean

The packaging and secondary packaging must be biodegradable or recyclable

The consumer must receive a complete and transparent information on the ingredients used and all stages of manufacture to the finished product .

The percentage of natural ingredients and the percentage of organic ingredients are clearly marked on all packaging of certified products bearing the logos or ECO BIO .