VJN Association

VJN Association

Beyond the quality of cosmetics and Environmental BIO We Have Developed for the well being of women , We Have created the association " VITACOLOGY , Just Nature



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Our goal IS to help awareness of Biodiversity , to encourage actions to Protect Ecosystems Every Day o , o Sources of the Life and ecological sustainability.

This awareness, We Have construed -through the symbol of Our company, so It Is Constantly in Our minds and help us change behavior Have No baths as a human species live That Is Able to humbly with the Future All other species this is Our Earth .

Although more Than a logo, emblem of Our Society IS inseparable interaction Between Our Planet, Humans and Nature .

this IS the palm in the plant world for 120 million years . All parts ( roots , stem , leaves and fruits ) their use by humans. In addition, over from A Thousand Varieties of Palms , Provide Some therapeutic remedies for health .

The choice of this tree Is One Among Many others example , Which shows us how Nature is Generous .

Both hands , palms Around, That nature heals mean ( 60% of the ingredients from natural pharmacopoeia ) and Protect Us Without Realizing it us . These allude to the hands Also Shape of Our Planet , Which Gave us the original life.


this heritage for all Millennia WHICH IS Transmitted by nature and Earth o ' Destroyed ' ' ' ' ' 'may be soon . Is it now time for Man to USE His Hands To Protect biodiversity and ecosystems in turn for human well -Being of all species .


What is biodiversity ?

Biodiversity Representing The number , variety and variability of living organisms on earth and in water. It includes all species from microscopic bacteria , plants and animals to the MOST Elaborate .

Why Should We act Quickly and Every Day?

The Earth Was Formed There about 4.5 Billion Years . Then , Two Years Were one one one one one one one billion needed for molecules to Give Rise to plants , animals ... Over the Millennia , Have Many species adapted to form different families ( mammals , birds ,...) Which are today 'Today 1.8 million species in the world Known and undiscovered species 10-20000000 Certainly , Especially In tropical forests and the seabed .

This magnificent biodiversity IS Mainly Threatened by a recent case ( - 150,000 years ) : Man (Said Gay sapiens " wise man " )

MONSTER , in only 50 years! ... Have human activities o damaged ecosystem , causing a daily loss of 2 or 3 species Known gold We Will Never Have the "privilege "of knowing , and 1000 Times Higher spleen Has normal process of appearance / extinction of species .

That Is Why no organic products and environmental Evoke the names of Species Threatened flora and fauna endangered gold ( see the original names)

If we do nothing , the White Bear in the wild in 50 years Has Disappeared and The Tiger in 15 years !



Human beings Have Proven to excel for Humanitarian Causes and fair . Therefor It Is possible to save our planet.
Let 's work together Every Day thanks to ecological action, the collective awareness and are Trying, EACH of Us to Find New Ideas To save our biodiversity .

In This positive outlook , we are Committed to Providing annual 4 % Of The Profits Of The SAS VITACOLOGY company , The Association : VITACOLOGY , Nature Just . The Association managed IS Entirely free thanks to the Volunteers . In addition, all Administrative Cost and Management Society are VITACOLOGY o Supported by SAS.

Therefor, we GUARANTEE That the Entirety of money That We Will Return To "give 100% for selected projects and for the protection of nature and Its biodiversity .

We invite you and o Agents and Their teams, to share your ideas and projects so That One Day Every Living Being can exist in harmony in ecological and sustainable living year .

Participate by Sending an email to : vitacologyjustnature@free.fr



The Origin of names : While making reference to the destination of the product , we wanted to give the names that evoke fauna and flora species that are threatened or endangered which phenomena affect our biodiversity  .




  O -water, essential to life , Becomes Botha Some rare source for the territories WHERE Countries Invaded The Desert , Leaving only a few " OASIS " to survive and at the Same Time, more and more seasonal Difficulty Problems to marriage .

The Monsoons Bring heavy rainfall in Asia and Africa , tropical cyclones Have INcreased by 54% Between 1970 and 2004. In summer , the Arctic Is Now Losing Half of Its ice cover, the equivalent of 13 times the size of France .

With global warming , sea ice could " disappear Within decades , with all the consequences we 've Already Know Sucha Rising Sea level "could rise 45 centimeters to 1.5 meters at the end of this century Leading to direct implications for Two Thirds of the World ' s Cities ( Shanghai, New York , Tokyo ...) and Their populations , of Which 75% are in " ASIA " .






The " Koala " ash tree Is a marsupial endemic to Australia . It feeds on eucalyptus leaves Exclusively , Which involve a risk of extinction of species due to deforestation of Their habitat due to urban development, as well as " Drought and forest fires huge .










The "BEAR " is White, with Kodiak bears , the Largest living land carnivore . 2 times larger ( 2.6 m) and a Tiger Two Times Weighs Heavier ( 600kg ) Was Leo. Howeve , weight is down year historical average of More than 30% since 1970 ( study : National Geographic Society ). The Destruction of Its natural habitat : sea ice, Reduced living space and ice sheets needed to hunt ITS Handball food : seals. In addition, toxic materials are discharged Into the Sea phytoplankton and zooplankton Consumed By, Which in turn are Absorbed by Fish Eaten by seals Themselves ...this Bear At The End Of The food and chain undergoes Therefore pollution .




The " Wolf "comes from the species of Tomarctus ( 15 million years) . This shy species That lives in a pack with a social structure . Hunted by man to eradication from ITS MOST of the West , bring us to the conclusion today with only 270 red wolves (Canis Rufus) in North America .




It Was Believed That Along the " PANDA " belonged to the family of raccoons . Today , Scientists Agree That It Is a bear. The measure 1.40 meters and Panda Weighs Between 75 and 160 kg and a life expectancy of 30 years Has . It Is an omnivore : it feeds Mainly leaves and bamboo. He Has a sixth finger on Their front legs to grasp bamboo shoots That Allows Him as if ET Had a hand. 40 It Has Powerful jaws enable it to chew and split the bamboo Pupils That like a cat. His large grinding molars enable bamboo shoots. The five toes of the giant Panda Bear each has sharp, curved claw that Allows it to climb trees .

There sit 800 pandas in the wild and in zoos Has Hundred .



The ancestor of cats, would Be Proailurus ( A small European tree Carnivorous There appeared 40 million years ) and Pseudaelurus Who Lived There Many Years 9-20000000 in Europe and Asia . Then cam Has carnivore teeth in the saber Smilodon, the ancestor of modern cats and cats with current Have diverged 10.8 million years ago .]

There are nine million years ago , cats spread from Asia to Africa and America in Favor of lower sea level and the cats Were Divided Into Two Separate Families: Cats (small cats ) and the pantherina (big cats ) . Both families appeared in Asia and worldwide EXCEPT disséminèrent Then to Australia and Madagascar . Were living in Europe at the Panthers and Lions , different modern species , Has A Small Giant Leopard Cat and the " LYNX " ancestor of Lynx .

His name Lynx Comes from a Greek hero : Lynceus , pilot of the Argonauts in search of the Derwent Golden Fleece and with the legend of good eyesight . As the depth of Her Eyes , she Seems To Be due to black and white stripes That Encircle ITS eyes .

The Iberian lynx, the Iberian lynx gold , is endangered . Man Has Extensively hunted and Reduces natural habitat by  its Many buildings and highways . While Many Thousands of Animals Were present there argument less Than a Century , it only 150-200 people Remains in Two Mountainous Southeast of Spain.



Everyone knows the " Elephant "African savannah . After a long hunt for the ivory on " Loxodonta Africana "has -been added to the list of Species Threatened with Extinction. Today , after 20 years of effort reverting Is Here In Some Countries Have Taken Measures for STI protection .

Howeve , EXCEPT Threatened species are particularly less Known Barriers Because Because of Environmental Policy and ALSO More Difficult to study and protect. The African forest elephant, the " Loxondonta cyclotis , with smaller ears circular IS Is in Central Africa and the West , particularly IS Threatened Because Without protection program .

Similarly , the Asian elephant " Elephas Maximus Mainly live in India , Sri Lanka and Some Countries in Southeast Asia . The unique relationship Between man and elephant in Asia dates back 5000 years , When elephants captured Began to Be Trained to Be Used and in ceremonies , war , hunting or as draft animals or money.

The ancient Hindu texts progressively closed to the Elephant and Ganesha , "the god of wisdom , intelligence and education " IS revered THROUGHOUT India . The white elephant IS Regarded magical and Buddhists from across Asia see it as a reincarnation of Buddha .

Unlikable the African elephant , whos decline due to poaching for ivory IS , the Asian Elephant sufferer Multiple Threats Arising from the fact of presence in the MOST Loved Populous regions of the world. Is That It Needs a herbivore 100-200 kg of food per day in the forest and Find . The human wild population clearing land for dental Problems logging and the expansion of agriculture, housing Malthus Reducing drastically .

70% of Asian Elephants Have Died in Three Generations and It Is Estimated That There Are More Than 40.000 elephants , Which of only 25.000 in the wild and only 300 in China .




Dolphin Gold Dolphin in French and " fine " for the wonderful figure of the Dolphin ! ...

We all know the Dauphin , Even if not in danger of extinction for Some species, are hunted by Humans Constantly In Some Regions of Our Planet.

Howeve , HAS species of dolphin in the MOST Has Disappeared total indifference or the Baiji Dolphin China ( Lipotes vexillifer ) of the Yangtze River . Extinction due to overfishing IS, pollution and human interventions on natural habitat ( dams ...)

We Also Will learn the disappearance of Other species SUCH Have Platanes Dolphin ( Platanista Minor ) or DO We Still Hope to Save the Ayeyarwady River Dolphin ( Orcaella Brevioritis ) in the Mekong River in Thailand and Cambodia ?




In water and in the air , the disappearance increases. The ARA -throated blue ( Ara graucogularis ) Is in danger of extinction like the Majority of macaws parrots . The Threat Is That of Trafficking and illegal trade in Aras osillons adultespour aviaries . Poaching Has Reduced the number of birds in the wild of a few " decades 100000-2000 ... Individuals in the Gold and Blue Macaw Ara Glauque Is Now Estimated at 50 Individuals in the world!

Therefor, if people DID not buy more ornamental birds for Their pleasure , poaching would - Cease - to - exist "could recover and Their Aras Peacefully and a real future ...




The 85 species of " Chameleon " live in the Two Thirds Mainly in Africa and Madagascar .

The Chameleon Lives with Loved Jacson horns at 3000 meters altitude Skin Exchange Three times per year . Common Chameleon Is the only species still living in southern Europe. The Panther chameleon color exchange very quickly. The Parsons chameleon , Has the Ability to move eyes Both Independently from One Another , They Say That 'he looks at Both the Past and The Future ... "Then maybe people THEN THEN THEN THEN THEN then this is That Should Have An Overview On The Planet "protect the legacy of the Past That Is Now Offering this wonderful biodiversity , To Live Our Future With Every species on Earth .... "